Help me make an ass end of a unicorn of myself.
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There's a con at the end of March that I'll be attending, and I only just thought of the costume I'd love to be part of. I think it would be hilarious and incredibly fun for my friend and I to go together as a pantomime unicorn. I would welcome suggestions to make it clever... hopefully with a bit of style.

This sort of thing doesn't seem available for rent, but I have time (about five weeks) and resources to make something. I can't afford this cute mask, for example... though I wouldn't be surprised if I did end up spending 500 bucks, I can't drop it all on one piece.

I will have to be the ass end of the unicorn, because I didn't see how else to convince a friend to be the other half of a pantomime animal. Is it too much to imagine having a tiny camera in the mask with a little display I can see while hunched down behind her? What can I do to make my end, as it were, easier?
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I have no idea what a pantomime unicorn is (and google was of little help) but what if you went as a push-me-pull-you unicorn? Then neither of you has to be an ass.
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I mean a unicorn version of a pantomime horse. Yours is a great idea, though!
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I would imagine a pantomime Unicorn is a pantomime horse but with a horn. Which is to say, two people in a large horse-shaped costume.

Have you considered "riding" the Unicorn? Your feet would would be the back feet of the Unicorn, but you could stand up out of its "back" as if you were riding it? You could wear some wacky fantasy costume on your upper half too.
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One of you should be the unicorn and the other should be the virgin. That way you are together, but you have a little bit of movement autonomy. Also, it would be fun to create a costume from the famous tapestry. (though your friend doesn't have to look so sad!) Unicorn shouldn't be that difficult - buy this mask,, spray paint it white while masking the eyes and nose area (keep some grey for emphasis). Make a horn out of cardboard, paint it white, maybe with silver or gold sparkles glued to it. Dress in a white shirt and pants or make a cardboard body you can stand inside that has straps going over your shoulders. Should be fun!
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One of you could be a unicorn, and the other could be a rainbow.
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You could go as the two halves that are designed not to be separate, that way your costume really would be that of a unicorn's arse. So you costume is the back legs all baggy like a pantomime horse with feet painted on etc (and a trail of rainbows on a string coming out from under the tail). But then you add a small hoop of some kind (hula hoop?) to hold the top open then some braces (suspenders) to hold it up, and stand upright sticking out of the top and wander around. Meanwhile your friend has the top part of the costume with a mask or fake head etc and the matching baggy feet for their legs, but then an opening at the back where you should join in but don't. If you could set up some kind of hoop so the other half has an opening out the back that matches yours it might be more obvious that they go together. You can join them up sometimes to make the whole unicorn, but I like the idea of having the costume set up so it's broken on purpose.

If you do want it joined together then the riding idea is a good one. Here's an example I found via google image search. I couldn't imagine what it would be like bending over all day to do it the traditional way, probably hot and hard on your back.
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(Hmm, that example actually only appears to be one person rather than two. It was the addition of legs for the jockey I liked, so imagine that for the back person and a proper pantomime horse front half plus horn for the front person)
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You SO need to go as the Afternoon Delight unicorns.
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Thanks so much everyone, for your help. I'm sorry to say that we didn't end up doing the unicorn costume... since my husband went as Dr. Horrible, I went as Johnny Snow, and my friend I was going to be the unicorn with went as Conflict Diamond.
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