Forgotten feel-good poem
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Long forgotten poem filter: do you know who wrote this poem?

I don't remember the title or author or how I came across the poem. It has been close to 15 years since I encountered it, but it may be older than that. In it, a man (the narrator, I think) describes how, while hitch-hiking, a car pulled up as if to stop, but drove off as a prank instead, leaving the narrator angry and hurling abuse (something like '...leaving me revenging myself on his wife, his kids, government and god...') He concludes by pondering whether they both would have been happier if he had called 'good luck' after the driver instead. It's a philosophy I admire but have yet to live up to. Reconnecting with the poem might help :)
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Maybe something by Stephen Wing, a poet and author who spent 16 years on the road (1974-1990). His book Crossing the Expressway: Poems from the Open Road is specifically about hitchhiking, but unfortunately the website only has excerpts.
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I sent Stephen Wing an email and he very kindly wrote back to tell me it's not one of his.
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Hi Amyms, thanks for checking! My hunt continues... :)
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