Help us find the blue tickets!
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Leapster 2: Calling All Engines! Help us find a blue ticket!

My son has the game "Calling all Engines" for the Leapster 2. In it, you can earn red and blue tickets, which you can then spend on new trains, new track etc.

He currently has 54 red tickets that we can't figure out how to spend, and zero blue tickets. Everything we can find to buy costs blue tickets, nothing costs red tickets.

The documentation that comes with the game says nothing about tickets, and the help menu in the game isn't helpful.

Can anyone tell us how to spend red tickets? And how to earn blue tickets?

He's very frustrated with the game because its always telling him he doesn't have enough tickets to buy anything, despite him feeling like he's gotten lots and lots of tickets.
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One of the reviews of the game on Amazon alluded to the blue tickets being hidden.
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On preview, this is the review in question:

"There are two story options.

With the "Read and Play" option the story does not progress without you clicking on either the forward or backward arrows. This version of the story lets you click on characters to see what they have to say, and there are also games interspersed to keep little ones from getting bored. (Valuable Blue tickets are hidden here.) You can also click on individual words and hear them pronounced. "

Not super helpful on the red tickets, sorry.
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Ask on their Facebook wall? Perhaps one of their 156,000-odd fans might point you in the right direction.
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