Word for a female camel?
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Is there a word for a female camel?

I found one obscure mention of a git being a female camel, but the OED disagrees.
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According to this article, a female camel is called a cow.

Helpful tip for anyone who decides to google 'female camel' - switch to 'advanced search' and omit the word 'toe' from your search ;)
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Encyclopædia Britannica mentions “naqah” as an Arabic word for female camel.
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iconomy, according to the OED a cow is "The female of any bovine animal (as the ox, bison, or buffalo); most commonly applied to the female of the domestic species (Bos Taurus)." So you are right, strictly speaking-- But I wonder if there might be a more specific word -- this is for a translation (from Hebrew) and the poem hinges on this word.

(The hebrew word, if you're curious, is ????, na'aka, onomatopoeic for her call.)
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Here's a chart for male and female names of different animals, and the female is indeed a cow.
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Family Camelidae - Genus Camelus - Species Condoleezus Ricus

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