Is this cave art too cool to be real?
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Is this real cave art? If so, where is it?

At the very least, it seems photoshopped for clarity: but is it entirely fabricated, or what? Google is failing me.

I can find this image all over: by googling cave art or lascaux art. However I can't find any evidence of it on the Lascaux virtual tour.

At least one not entirely reputable-seeming site/book credits it to Valtorta, Spain but with no source and no outside confirmation.

I think it's a very striking image and I'd appreciate any help figuring out where it came from.
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I found it referenced here,, as being from Castellon, Spain.

Another version of the picture that looks less enhanced, but has a book credit, appears here. HTH?
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The hunting scene above, one of many examples showing dark-brown bowmen shooting medium-brown deer, was painted in what is now France fifteen to thirteen millennia ago.
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Best answer: This is almost certainly from La Valltorta, as shown in tourist guides. Doing a google image search for La Valltorta will remove any remaining doubts.

The area belongs to the municipality of Tirig, province of Valencia, in Spain.
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Response by poster: Great! That's just what I was hoping for. Thanks so much for the help, all.
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Awesome! Glad that there was an answer, I was curious myself.
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