Help me find an article about a spying game?
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Vaguely-remembered-game-filter: Trying to remember an article I read about a spying game.

I read somewhere, probably in the last year, about a game which involved having to complete a series of "missions" at a party (picking pockets, maybe?). The other player has to guess which person is the spy. I cannot remember whether it was a computer-based or a real-life game. It's been bugging the hell out of me for days now and searching Google and my RSS hasn't turned up anything. I'm sure I remember reading an article about it, maybe on Metafilter, maybe on a gaming website? Does anyone remember what I'm on about?
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If by chance it's a board game, you might try browsing the spies & secret agents category at BGG. Sort the table at the bottom by publication date, maybe.
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Best answer: Might it have been SpyParty?
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Best answer: Spy Party! The article you read was probably at Rock Paper Shotgun (follow-up).
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(Oops, I meant this for the second link - but too slow anyway.)
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Response by poster: YES! It was Spy Party! I definitely remember the "one bullet" rule now, too. Thanks guys!
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