Helpful websites for an aspiring writer?
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[Creative Writing Filter] I'm looking for some online resources to help me get back into creative writing after a three year break.

Specifically, I am looking for websites that provide information about (legitimate) writing contests and publication opportunities, as well as a website where I could share writing and get feedback with minimal risk of having my work stolen (does such a thing even exist?). Right now, I am primarily interested in short fiction, but I used to write poetry and may eventually return to that as well. I'm NOT a teen writer, so I'm not looking for resources geared towards teens, and I am interested in pursuing writing professionally if I can develop enough skill and find the right venue for my work. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Additional questions that I forgot to add: has anyone had experiences using a blog to share or promote their writing? How did you do this, and were your experiences with this good or bad?
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Duotrope is a good resource for publishing opportunities. I especially like their "People who have been published here have also been published in. . . " notes.
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Absolute Write has lots of information on writing, publishing and publisher background checks, contests, etc. There's also a locked forum for sharing your work and receiving feedback.

It's a good community over there.
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I'll second Georgina on Absolute Write. Writer's Digest annually publishes a list of the 101 best websites for writers; something there should be of help.

To answer your second question, I've had my own writing blog for almost three years. Each week I publish a short story and a haiku. I don't have many readers (promotion is a little difficult, I've discovered) but I have a great time, and my steady work has encouraged a friend to do likewise. You do have to be careful about submitting stories to print magazines that you've already put on your blog, but some magazines don't mind that.
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