Pimp my Skis
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Skifilter: Please Xzibit, Pimp my Skis!

I have fischer rc4 skis and i love them. Id like to change the way they look though!
Is there a way to print a design and "stick" it on the skis? Do print shops do this? what type of material would it need to be printed on? how long does it stay on the skis? The coolest thing i saw was a metallic decal that made the entire ski look like a mirror. Where do i get this done? Im based in germany btw.
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You could have a custom vinyl decal created. Vinyl is strong enough that it's used to skin entire cars instead of painting them so it would most definitely work and hold up fairly well.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that could do this but I'm don't have a specific one in mind.
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A google search for "ski graphics" turned up a bunch of hits - this place looks like it will provide what you want.
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