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What was this 90s space marine video game from my youth?

I believe this was for Sega CD, but I'm not sure; I played it one time in the mid-90s I think. The game was about a group of space marines. The marines had to get from one side of a level to another, and you had to plan their movements through corridors in such a way that they wouldn't get eaten by aliens. For example, you'd tell Marine A to move to an intersection, face west, and lay down suppressing fire while the other marines moved on to other locations and took up similar positions, etc.

The game was really about making the plans and then setting them in motion; I don't think you could directly control the marines once things started. I recall that you could watch your plan unfold on an overhead map that represented the marines and aliens as dots, or you could switch to first person views of any of the marines to see what they saw. I also think the marines had odd, almost biblical style names, and I specifically recall that one was named something like Lionus or Lionous (not sure of the spelling).

I'm pretty sure this was NOT a game officially based on the famous Alien/Aliens movies, though definitely inspired by.
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Best answer: Sounds like one of the Space Hulk video games to me.
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Best answer: Yeah, this is absolutely SpaceHulk. I played the sequel on the 3DO.
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Response by poster: Yes! With your help I have determined it is Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels! Man, I have been wondering about this off and on for years, thanks!
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I realise that this doesn't fall within the scope of your question, but I think it might be of interest to anyone coming across this question that the board game, upon which the official video games were based, has also seen a few (fairly recently updated) freeware adaptions.
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You may enjoy Full Spectrum Warrior, which is more about the tactics than it is the gunnery.
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