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Grown-up and co-ed alternatives for a bachelorette party?

I am a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. As this is her second wedding, she doesn’t want a traditional stagette/bachelorette party, nor does her fiancé want a stag. So, I’ve been tasked with coming up with alternatives that will suit a coed group of about 15 adults. It should be fun – these are easygoing people who love to laugh. But we are all past the bar/club scene and want something a bit more classy than bowling and pizza. Someone suggested a wine-tasting tour, but there are a couple of non-drinkers in the group. Any other ideas?

There are 8 attendants in all; some know each other, but this is not a tight-knit group of old friends. We are all in our mid-30's.
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Best answer: Improv? Improv show that encourages a lot of audience participation?
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Best answer: I was in a similar situation when I got married five years ago. Thirty years old, not interested in going to a strip club, yet wanting to do something adult, classy, and fun (we weren't co-ed, though). We were in Chicago, so here's what we did:

1> The night started out at Dave and Buster's. It was a fun way to break the ice among a bunch of guys who didn't really know each other all that well. Plus, there's alcohol for those who want to drink and plenty of other options for people who don't.

2> Dinner at a classy steakhouse (think Morton's). I don't smoke, but I bought cigars for a bunch of the guys afterward.

3> Late-night show at Second City. As phunniemee said, an improv show that encourages participation is a fun, great option.


If none of these sound like good options, do some creative Googling. Here's some ideas mentioned on

VIP Box Seats
Concert Tickets
Day at the Beach
Friendly Competition
Amusement Park
Adventure Sports
Dinner at Home
Photo Session
Spa Day
Game Night
Habitat for Humanity
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Nthing Habitat for Humanity. That would be such an incredible experience.

Also, when is the party supposed to be? Does the wedding have an overall theme? If we're talking the dead of winter I guess I'd better not suggest outdoor laser tag.
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Response by poster: Good point, patronuscharms. The wedding is in June in the northeast US. No specific theme to the wedding.
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Your profile shows Toronto, so I'm presuming that's where the bridal party will be partying. One idea is a theme restaurant/show-type place like the Medieval Times Dinner Castle. But that might be a bit pricey, depending upon your budget. Maybe an early show at Yuk-Yuk's?
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Best answer: Organize a scavenger hunt, with wedding/marriage-related things to hunt for. Guys' team versus gals' team.
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Best answer: In the northeast?? Well if you are near New England one day/night at the beach? You could go to the beach, go on a sunset schooner tour and then come back for a nice dinner. Up for breakfast and go home.
In Providence you could go to art galleries, a great dinner and then waterfire. (
If you put a more specific location (or choices of location) there may be more specific suggestions.
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Best answer: A lot of options depend on the setting- if you're near the coast and evening sail is a fantastic idea. Or a bonfire and bbq if that's possible. Or dinner at a nice restaurant (even better if it's something a little unusual or interactive...Japanese steakhouse?) followed by something fun like bowling, karaoke, or an improv show. A scavenger hunt is also a good idea.

I wouldn't recommend Habitat for Humanity, though. Although it's a great organization, it's not really ideal for this sort of situation- it would be difficult for a site to accommodate a large group of first-timers and people might just end up milling around doing nothing.
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Best answer: I went recently to one where they rented a private karaoke room after a separate men / women dinner. very fun.
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A camping trip maybe?
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My husband's co-ed "stag" (his best man was a best woman) was a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant.
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Group yoga lesson?
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Miracle berry party!!
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Dinner cruise on Boston Harbor/Other local waterway?
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Instead of a bachelor/bachelorette party, we had a big party at a local rock club, where a bunch of friends' bands played short sets of 3 songs each, with one of the 3 being about marriage. It was a blast!
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