Stiga? Coleco? Oh my!
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Table Hockey Filter Mr. Hard-to-shop-for Jane has thrown down the shopping gauntlet, requesting his boyhood table hockey game for his birthday. Trouble is, I can’t identify which game he had…

He was born in 1964 – he had 3 older brothers, so I’m thinking the game was originally purchased between 1969-1975. He told me it had all 6 original NHL teams, which were interchangeable. I’m pretty sure it was a rod-operated game. I asked my brother in law for some identification help.. he told me that the puck could go behind the net. I had him look at current ebay listings, but he said that none of them were what he had.
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I am 'about' your husband's age. (Maybe more like one of his brothers.) Anyhoo, I just checked with my brother who has a memory like an elephant and he tells me we had a Coleco game that you could pull the men off the posts and change teams. It was rod operated. If you have some links, I would send them to him for further assessment/memory jogging.

He also claims he could still beat me, but that is a different discussion that has an erroneous assumption; he never beat me in the first place.
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Bobby Hull Hockey?

Have him look through this gallery and see if he can identify anything...
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This site has just about every single table hockey game ever made.
A lot of them fit your description esp. since I think most of the coleco and stigma games had team accessory packs.

The best table hockey game I've ever played is Top Corner. All the players move really well. The goalie can pass the puck, all the players have plungers on the rods where they can "slapshot" the puck instead of always just spinning.

Anyway, I'd just open up each page on that hockey history link and he should be able to find what he's looking for.
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