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NFLter: What's your favorite (current) NFL stadium?

Pretty much as above. I'm a huge football (New York Giants) fan but I enjoy seeing games in other stadiums either while on vacation or traveling to see a Giants' away game. What are some of the best stadiums to watch a game in? Are there any that are awful? In both cases, why?

Current, please as I'd like to add these to future plans - so while Lambeau is definitely on my list, it's not likely I can go see the Packers play at County Stadium anytime soon .

I've been to:
Giants Stadium
New Meadowlands Stadium
Lucas Oil (Indy)
whatever the sponsored name of that thing that used to be Dolphin Stadium ;-)

Thanks all
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Unless you have specific criteria for what you consider "best" to encompass, this is really chatfiltery.
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Go to the new Dallas stadium. Skip Oakland. It's a crappy place, and it ends up being like the worst bar you've ever been to, only with 70,000 people in it.
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really? I didn't see it different to any other recommendations. apologies.

good experiences? great visiting fan set up? anything, really.
Bad for -ugh, don't go there, you'll be eaten alive as visiting fan (the Linc)
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The Linc, of course.
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If the Chiefs are good, and especially if it's a division game, it's hard to beat Arrowhead. The tailgate scene there is really singular in professional sports, and the crowd is absolutely insane. I once came within about ten feet of hitting John Elway with a milkshake.

It's a crappy and nondescript stadium, sure, but it has the coolest game experience of any stadium I've ever been to.
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it's not likely I can go see the Packers play at County Stadium anytime soon .

This is true for two reasons:

1. The Packers haven't played at County Stadium since 1994.
2. County Stadium was demolished in 2001.
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I concur that Arrowhead is great, if the weather is nice.
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thanks all!

Heard good things about Arrowhead and the crowd seemed amazing vs. Chargers in Week 1.

King Bee - yes, that's my point. I was asking for current stadiums. I didn't want recommendations on great games in stadiums that don't exist. :-)
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Ah, my apologies then for misunderstanding your statement.

I can tell you that the Metrodome (or Mall of America Stadium, whatever it's called now) is a piece of crap. I would stay away from it. I hate it there. (My Packers fandom notwithstanding, the place actually does suck.)
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As an avid Bucs fan, I am quite partial to Raymond James Stadium. Aside from it being the site of many, many fantastic loses for my Bucs, it is also a wonderfully designed stadium. It sort of reminds me of an old village - all the concession stands look like old store fronts. But, the best part is the pirate ship. If you go to a game there, GET ON THE SHIP!! Awesome fun!
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M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore is a really nice one, and has the added benefit of having an amazing tailgate party scene before every game. It sits right near the inner harbor, so there is plenty to do both before and after the game.
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I've been to the new Arrowhead, it was really impressive. Of course I say this a a frequent visitor of the Oakland Coliseum (which has a certain utilitarian charm), but I would definitely love to go back to the Arrowhead.
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There is nothing like the new Cowboys stadium. It's simply the best stadium, in the world, period. It's really on the level of the "Bird's Nest" stadium that was used in the 2008 olympics.
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I'll second the rec for Raymond James -- not only is there a ship, but they shoot off cannons! Plus, depending on who's playing the Bucs, there may be more visiting fans than fans of the home team.
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Thanks all, some really good ideas. Sounds like Raymond James might win for fun, but these all seem to have great reasons to go, in addition to the game on the field.

Best answers all around. although it's not actually letting me mark them.
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