Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Bloomers and Doesn't Know Where to Find Them
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Where in NYC can I go to try on a pair of white bloomers to go with a Little Bo Peep costume?

I have all the elements of an awesome little bo peep costume: stuffed sheep, shepherd's staff, bonnet, dress with petticoat, everything. Here's the thing, the dress is REALLY SHORT, and I'm a little shy about flashing my ass around NYC. Instead of getting white bike shorts, I want to do something that fits with the costume, like little white bloomers.

Sure, I've seen a few I like online, but this is NYC! I figured I should be able to find a pair that I can at least try on to make sure it works with the costume. (I've had bad experiences with buying something figuring "It'll work" and no it doesn't and then it's a three ring circus trying to get things right at the last minute.) I've tried Ricky's, and they have frilly panties that are too revealing, but no bloomers on their own. (They do have them as part of other packaged costumes, but I don't want to buy another costume just to get the bloomers)

So help a shy shepherdess out.
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Do you sew? I made some bloomers once out of white calico pajama bottoms I found on sale -- hemmed the pajama bottoms and and added a channel for the elastic. Took 30 minutes.
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I think they maybe have costume separates at the giant costume place on 4th ave and 11th street.
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Not exactly bloomers, but I have a few pairs of these Stevan Alan Ruffle Panties and they are cute and you can wear something under them if you want to feel more secure. Expensive, though.
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Response by poster: mochapickle: living in a small apt with not much space, I don't have a sewing machine and I don't know anyone who does. Otherwise, I would be ALL OVER THAT!
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Best answer: Home Ec in Park Slope has open studio times you can book. I've taken lessons there and used open studio time and the woman that usually works there (I think her name is Patty) is super helpful and nice.

From their website:

Home Ec Open Studio

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Open Studio is a supervised sewing time (not a private lesson) where you will always find a knowledgeable person to help you with questions about your projects and equipment and will always be full of creative suggestions. Bring your project or just an idea and use our equipment to finally get to working on those ideas you've had for so long!

Open Studio is by appointment only. To book a table and sewing machine please call 718-852-2889 or email

$10/hour includes access to:

Kenmore Model 158 Sewing Machine with multipurpose and zipper foot, large and small dressmakers scissors, pin cushion w/ straight pins and hand sewing needles, Steam Iron, 8'x5' cutting table, 3'x5' cutting table, 4 thread serger, pattern making rulers, sewing reference books, adjustable dress form and much more.
Industrial Straight Stitch Machine Can Be Rented Upon Request.
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I'd suggest trying sporting goods stores -- cheerleaders and tennis players (to a lesser extent) both wear bloomers under their very short skirts. They'll be plain, I imagine, but it's pretty easy to sew ruffles on, even w/o a sewing machine.
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Best answer: Not sure how long you want them, but how about some pettipants? They sell them at JC Penney so they must have 'em at various department stores in NYC. Alternatively, a big dance shop would have these for square dance costumes but would probably cost more.
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How about a baggy pair of mens' white boxer shorts? You can baste elastic bands into the hem and push it up on your legs and poof down the slack.
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Best answer: You should make these awesome bloomers:
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