Worn-down contacts on a DS card...
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Damaged-DS-card-filter: Is there any simple way to restore worn-down copper contacts on a DS card? Some sort of conductive metal paint to dab onto the little strips, or any similar diy trick?

My son is distraught at losing all his Pokemon achievements; we've had the DS itself restored, but the all-important card is still not showing up - no surprise, seeing how scratched/worn-down the contacts are. Is there any hope of getting the card to show up again. If so, I would also greatly appreciate advice on how to then back up/transfer his achievements somehow (to another Pokemon DS card by the wireless connection?)
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It's likely that the only metal you could apply would be solder, or conductive epoxy. But unless the contacts are worn through, it seems unlikely that they are the problem. What caused the DS to fail?
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Using a pencil eraser on the contacts doesn't help, or a bit of rubbing with emory paper?
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A rear-window defrost repair kit will run you $10-15 at an auto parts store, and usually comes with a little vial of conductive paint.
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Radioshack sells conductive paint pens. http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3964901
You can use one to fill in the missing contact areas assuming the part that goes into the cart is still OK and just the outermost portion is gone.
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The contacts are visibly worn through, so these two suggestions for conductive paint are just what I was hoping existed. Thanks all - now to find it here in Italy...
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