Please help me make/find fake leeches
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I need your help in obtaining (or making) some fake leeches.

A co-worker just got back from a tropical climate, with horror stories of leeches. Naturally, it has become necessary to leave fake leeches all over his office. Any ideas for making them? Edible would be fun, but I'm open to any idea.

Oh, and I don't have to create them myself if you know of anyone who would sell rubber leeches.
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I couldn't find anything online, but some fish and tackle stores sell fake leeches as bait. If you live near water, you might have luck finding a B&M store near you.
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Gummi leeches!
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Best answer: Cabelas
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Lobstah has it.
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if you decide to make gummi leeches, here's a plastic mold! there are also other molds on this site, which appears to be a DIY fishing lure site?
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Best answer: Licorice, chopped to about the right length and lightly melted and reshaped.
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This site recommends prunes.
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Best answer: Locally, Mel Cottons has fake leeches in the fishing lure section (just past the shoe and gun dept on the right side as you enter the building) but use with care: soft lures tend to be covered in various oils/fish attracting gack: they will stain fabrics and eat through some plastics.
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When I was fourteen or so my friend and I were in a play where we were Wacky Doctors and had to pull all sorts of outlandish implements out of a bag to demonstrate our wackiness. We talked the director into letting us include a jar of "leeches."

This included canned peach halves (with juice!), molasses (lots of molasses), and probably other things. I think pickle brine? The most important part was big label: "LEECHES"

Possibly for the break room fridge?

Be advised that this prop lasted through a weekend's worth of performances and then exploded.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I saw the Cabelas site on my initial search, but for some reason thought they were real leeches in a bucket. I'm guessing that's what they sell at Mel Cottons. I think I'll get some from Mel's and see if I can rinse off the goo. I may go with the licorice idea too- I like the idea of wandering into co-worker's office after he discovers the leeches, grabbing one and popping into my mouth.
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