I want to chant "Let's Go Flyers!" at my laptop
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The new NHL season is fast approaching (yay hockey!) I'm living abroad for the year. How can I best watch full Flyers games online from outside North America?

I do intend on watching clips and highlights at various news sites, but there's a certain something about watching an entire game that I would like to be able to keep up with while I'm away from home.

In addition to the Flyers, I'm also interested in watching Lightning games, since I suddenly care about Tampa after Simon Gagne was traded. Live streams aren't really an option considering the time difference and I'm willing to pay if necessary. What are my best options?
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Maybe NHL Gamecenter Live? (also does archives -- not sure if they're archives of just-played games or if they're "classic" games or both).
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It looks like the NHL Gamecenter Live is available outside the US. I think that is your only legal option. I am not sure if you would be able to use a Slingbox but that is something else you could look into, if you had a friend in Philly that could set it up. The other streaming options you will find via Google are less than reliable and less than legal. If neither of those work you can probably listen to the game through the Flyers website, but that isn't quite the same.

Good luck. I know how I would feel if I didn't get to watch the games. But I have to say, the Flyers suck, go Pens! ;-)
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It could depend on where you live.

NHL Gamecenter says:
"You can watch NHL online via the NHL Center Iceā„¢ streaming package on ESPN360, which is now available in Europe (except Italy and Russia) and the Middle East. Fans can watch over 1000 live and on-demand games from the regular season, the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final by selecting an NHL package within the ESPN360 player -- go to: https://europe.espn360.com/espn360/nhl "

Another option might be cable or satelite TV. ESPN America has the rights to NHL games in many markets, but other cable/satelite channels has exclusive or additional NHL rights in some other markets (link to example).

Yahoo used to have live streams of various NHL games, but it seems they won't offer it this season.
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NHL Gamecenter is pretty awesome. If it didn't blackout your local teams games I would cancel my satellite subscription and just subscribe to that.

If you're going to be in South Korea then I know Gamecenter live will work there and you'll get every game since you're out of any local market. If you want to contact them to make sure here is the contact page.
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According to some of the fellas in my fantasy hockey league, Gamecenter Live is available in Japan, too.
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Hey all, thanks for the great suggestions!

I went ahead and bought GameCenter Live and I have to say it's pretty damn fantastic. And I can confirm that, yeah, it totally works in South Korea. Yay for hockey!
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