What video game supports the most simultaneous players?
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What video game supports the most simultaneous players?

I'm looking to expand my library of console party games, and I was wondering what game would let the highest number of people play at one time on one machine. It doesn't matter how old, how obscure, or how many special devices are required, but I want everyone to play on one TV. So Halo and other lan-based games are out. Super bonus points if you can find an online database that lets you search or sort by the number of players. (I'm pretty sure none exist.)
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Probably one of the Bomberman titles.
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Don't know if these support the MOST players, but obviously games for the Gamecube and Dreamcast (which both support 4 controllers) would be a good bet. I know that Super Smash Brothers and Kirby's Air Ride for Gamecube support 4-player and are pretty easy to learn. There's a version of Worms for the Dreamcast which is probably hard to find but Worms is lots of fun and lots of players.
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All I know is that back in college my friends and I used to kill hours all playing EA's NHL game for the PS2. Presumeably they have a 2005 edition you could pick up. We've played with 4 people, but I think with the right adapters you can get it up to 6 players.
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Best answer: The Wikipedia page for bomberman has a nice listing by number of players. Several go over 4. The later SNES super bombermans hit 5, and apparently the saturn version hits 10! This review confirms this. The saturn with 2 multitaps can actually support up to 12, so there may be something that runs with a few more. My quick googling didn't find anything other than demos that worked with the full 12.

Oh, here's that list you wanted.
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Mario Kart on the NGC supports 4 on one machine. If you have multiple Gamecubes and broadband adapters, you can play with up to 16 people (8 driving, 8 riding in the back shooting weapons) between four machines. I’ve played with 8 people driving (requires two gamecubes) and it’s really fun. The online experience still doesn’t compare with everyone huddled around two TVs shouting at each other.

On the PS2, with two multitaps, you can get up to 8 players on many sports games (Hockey, Soccer, etc).

If you don’t mind passing controllers around (which doesn’t quite count as simultaneous, although you are playing against each other) WarioWare for the Gamecube supports 16 at once. Wireless controllers definitely help out with passing them around between that many people.
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A couple of sports titles on the Saturn reach 12 players, but Bomberman at 10 absolutely rocks, it's total chaos. I've got the full rig: Saturn, two multitaps, 10 controllers and Saturn Bomberman.

If you can find a Saturn you may still be able to get multitaps and controllers from Liksang. Expect to pay lots for the game on eBay. I think I got sniped twice before I managed to get my copy.
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I'll second, third, whatever the recommendation of Saturn Bomberman.

Saturn stuff is often pretty expensive on eBay. If you live in an area that supports used-videogame stores, pawnshops, flea markets, garage sales, etc., though, it can often be bought for next to nothing. And NHL All-Stars 98 is among the Saturn sports games that support 12 players.
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I'm going to suggest that if you get the Saturn version of Bomberman, make sure you play it on a reasonably-sized television. Playing with lots of players on a small tv is torture -- trust me.
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Good point. Playing 8-player Saturn Bomberman on a small television isn't quite so bad, but the expanded playfield they make you use for 10... argh.
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The Turbo Grafx 16 had a 5 player multi-tap, and I think you could plug 2 of them in. I've only played one game with 5 people (some action/RPG).

Looks like Bomberman was released for the system, so you may be able to find a 5 or 10 player game.
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Response by poster: Aha! I suspected it might be a Bomberman game. I had forgotten about the Saturn multitaps. 10 player Bomberman would be excellent. I have a 42" screen, so that's not a problem. The hunt is on!

And JZig: Wow! That is the list I wanted. My hat is off to you. Many thanks, everyone!
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