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I'd like to volunteer with a knitting ministry in the Boston area.

Over the past year, I've been struggling with a diagnosis and symptoms of PTSD and depression. One of the things that has helped me gain peace of mind is attending an Episcopalian church in Cambridge -- the first church I've attended as an adult of my own will and volition. Sadly, the rector, who was one of the reasons why I have been attending regularly, has stepped down.

I feel a calling to help those suffering with illness, but haven't felt inspired to look for a ministry until now. Because I am a good knitter and feel my most spiritual when I have my knitting in hand, and because knitting is one non-medicinal thing that has helped me with my own struggles, I figured this would be the best use of my time and energy.

I'm especially interested in teaching knitting or attending a sit-n-knit group ("stitch-n-bitch" seems inappropriate in this context) in which the members knit for the homeless, the elderly, or the ailing. A group aligned with an Episcopalian or Anglican parish would be preferred. I've already sent an email to the one group of which I am aware, Ecclesia Ministries, but don't know how to search for others. Is anyone out there in AskMeLand aware of a resource I may not know about?
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Look for a prayer shawl ministry. They are a rising trend in many churches, including Episcopalian.
Here is one. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
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Have you checked for groups on Ravelry?

Even if there isn't a group in the Boston area, you may be able to find an online group through Ravelry or another knitting website that shares your values and can direct you into creating one.

You can also post in local yarn shop groups, general Boston area groups, etc. and see if anyone else is either aware of one or interested in joining one with you. has a forum dedicated to charity knitting. It's not so great for finding local resources, but it's a very friendly place and you'll certainly get support for your efforts there.

You could also contact area domestic violence shelters or area shelters and see if the people who participate in their programs may be interested in learning to knit. On the Rise in Cambridge may be one such place. This way you would be teaching women who would otherwise be recipients of your products.
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What about getting a group together at your church for a specific project and seeing if it's sustainable long-term? The Pine Street Inn has a Knit-a-Thon, for instance, and they're looking for squares to be made into blankets.
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I know you might kinda feel like you're without church right now with your awesome rector gone, but once you do find a place where you feel comfortable, what about starting your own knitting group through the church for prayer shawls or other charity projects?
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Pised: Thanks for the advice. I really want to stay with my current church, but something low-impact that works on charity projects might be a good idea.
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Pxe, first, God bless you for answering the call to ministry! I don't know of groups in your area but have seen many on line.
Thank you for reminding me. I'm about to enter a 40 period of fasting (from the computer!!) and will take up needle and yarn and make it a productive 40 days.
(Really sorry for not helping, but you have helped me!)
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