What's wrong with my Red Dead Redemption disc?
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What's wrong with my Red Dead Redemption disc [PS3]?

I took the game out for the first time in a couple of months the other day. I think there might have been a required update, if I'm not mistaken, and of course I would have installed it if so. However, I didn't get around to actually playing the game today. After starting it up, it ended up freezing when it got to the menu screen and started "scanning for downloadable content" or whatever. I restarted the system and tried several more times and found that it would sometimes freeze at that point, and at other times it would freeze after the introductory screens but before loading the menu (the screen would just go black as if transitioning, but nothing would ever come up). I eventually deleted all of the associated files (saved games, game data, etc) and tried again, and now when I start the game it immediately says that an updated version of the software is required; upon selecting 'OK' it says "Installing Red Dead Redemption" but freezes at 0%. I've tried restarting many, many times, and have cleaned the disc thoroughly a few times as well. There are no visible scratches or fingerprints either.

Is the disc ruined or is this something to do with the PS3? I can still load other games with no problem at all, and the RDR disc is probably in the best shape of all of them at a glance.

Thanks for any help!
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Is the PSN store working for you on it's own/what ps3 firmware are you on?
There was a firmware update recently that disabled the psn store until you installed it so I wouldn't be surprised if it disabled other update/download type activity.

If you're on the wrong firmware, trying to use the psn store should give you some instructions on how to update.
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Maybe a failed game installation from a few months ago? Have you tried deleting everything under "Game -> Game Data Utility -> Red Dead Redemption"?
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Response by poster: Yep, I deleted all of the files associated with the game. Prior to doing so, it was still playing the intro screen before freezing, and sometimes froze at the main menu screen. After deleting all of the game files, it started prompting me to update the software and froze when I selected OK, or will sometimes proceed to the "Installing Red Dead Redemption" screen before freezing at 0%.
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Are other games or blurays working?
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Response by poster: All other games and blu-rays work fine. It seems very strange. I just wiped out the entire hard disk and tried again - same thing is happening.
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Does the PSN store work? Have you installed the latest firmware update?
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Response by poster: PSN works fine. I don't really know anything about firmware, but I always apply the updates as they're released. I think there may have been one last week.
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The system updates are what change the firmware.

Do you have a friend with a PS3? If they can load the game, then it's not the disk.

I will look at Sony's PS3 boards to see if anyone else is having a problem.
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Yeah, other people are having problems with the game. Take a look at this link to the PlayStation Board's RDR topic. Message 335 has a possible solution! It involves changing some settings.
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Response by poster: I followed the advice in message 335 at that link and the game downloaded/installed an update of some sort and then restarted which seemed to be a breakthrough, but then it just loaded up the same 'installing red dead redemption' screen and froze at 0% as before.

I'm going to get together with a friend who has a PS3 later this week and see if it works on his and/or whether his works on mine. This seems really bizarre.
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