Can you help me find this surreal novel?
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Can you help me find this surreal novel? Years ago, I saw an excerpt from it. All I remember is a scene where there was a worm in a cage, and its droppings would fall onto some kind of musical instrument, creating strange music. I think this story was written in Eastern Europe, in the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks!
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Not Eastern European or early 20th century, but it sounds like you might be thinking of The Conversions by Harry Mathews.
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Best answer: Could it be Roussel's Impressions of Africa or Impressions d'Afrique? Description of the worm here.
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Another description of the worm from the book: "...worm, which raises segments of its body in sequences to allow single drops of heavy water to fall through holes drilled in the bottom of an aquarium onto the strings of a zither below, playing czardas and other Hungarian dances"
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Response by poster: Oh man, you guys are amazing. I've been thinking about this for 16 years. Yes, it is the Roussel book. I can't wait to read it. The Mathews one looks good too. Thanks!
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