Yoga shirt for guys?
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What's a good shirt for a guy to wear for yoga that is less likely to fall in my face when I'm inverted? I don't want to wear really form-fitting clothing.
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If you don't want something that's not form-fitting the only advice I have is to consider tucking yous shirt in while doing inverted poses.
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I think tucking my shirt in will make me hot and uncomfortable.

Some of my existing T-shirts work better than others. There must be a good solution for this.
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why not just use a few small safety pins to attach your t-shirt to your shorts?
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Have you tried men's shirts from Lu Lu Lemon? Some are less form fitting than others, just like their pants.
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I used to try this... tucking in my shirt, wearing a tight shirt, everything would always fall in my face and distract me from my headstand.

Just take your shirt off, if you're in the privacy of your own home, or among people who don't care. For me, at least, it actually allowed me to concentrate more and feel like I was more in touch with my body. Separating flesh from flesh and all that business...
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Seconding chicago2penn, how about taking your shirt off? When I did yoga (Bikram) regularly, about half the men took their shirts off. The women were all in sport bras or form-fitting tops.
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I was going to suggest 'shirt-stays' but you don't want to tuck your shirt in, so I'll second the singlet.
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While it might be hard to get something to work when I am fully inverted, I would be happy for something that would not fall in my face when I'm doing something like downward facing dog.
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Only tuck in part! It works!
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Yeah, only tuck it in partway, and only before the inversions. You can un-tuck it again immediately after the pose if you're worried about overheating (although if overheating is an issue, you've tucked too much in). Might not work for a headstand, but works fine for me in downward dog.
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I find that a tank-top works well for this. Maybe a matter of how well it fits.
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Yes, just tuck it in at the front before doing downward poses.
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What about a really, really light-weight wife-beater? It stays put, and if it's made out of the right material, it will breathe too.
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Try shirts you already like in one size smaller. It shouldn't qualify for skin tight, but could easily solve the problem.
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Nthing just tucking it in right in front. It actually works.
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