Where can I store a canoe near the water in Seattle?
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Canoe storage in Seattle: what options are there for apartment dwellers who would like to own a canoe? One caveat- I don't own a car. This would need to be by the water. Are there marinas that offer lockers for small boats? Google hasn't helped me with this one. Any info would be awesome! Thanks.
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Buy yourself a folding canoe and store it in your closet.
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I know Moss Bay Rowing has storage for kayaks and maybe rowing sculls. They're on Lake Union, so you'd probably spend most of your boating time there, and in the canal.
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I rented a storage space at the Public Storage at the south end of Lake Union across from Daniels. I remember that they had long narrow units that were specifically meant for kayaks/canoes. You might try there.
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Or, you could join the Mount Baker boating center (or the one by UW?) and just use their boats?
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There are three marinas in Ballard that offer kayak storage, but they are all currently full. I would make sure find storage before getting a boat. They tend to run about $35 a month. Also, make sure the storage locker will fit a canoe, some of the ones I've seen would fit a kayak easily enough, but definitely not a canoe.

And folding canoes and kayaks are great, but after lugging mine up four flights of stairs and washing it off in my shower and trying to dry it in my apartment once I decided to rent a locker at the local marina where it now lives.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice folks! Much appreciated.
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I have a folding kayak from folbot.com, and considered pakboats before I made my choice. I'm very happy with it's performance in the water, and being able to store it in my car trunk.
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