Questions Thoreau might have asked before going to Walden for 9 months
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Looking for advice of the virtues and pitfalls, or personal stories of choosing a long term nature awareness and primitive skills program for myself. Specifically looking at this one.

Most of all I am wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of this school in Oregon (above) and can recommend it. But secondly, looking for people who have done these types of long term programs before as a young adult. (I am between Undergrad and Grad school). Stories/tips you can share?

What questions did you wish you had asked before you started? How did you evaluate if it was the right school (especially at a distance?) Also, what questions should I ask myself that I might not have already? Or good ways to prep over the next few months, should I get accepted.

I am in dialog with this program currently and they are being very good about answering questions, I just want to make sure I don't leave any out.

Thank you in advance for reply.
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