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Bookfilter: A kid has a pet rabbit and forgets to take care of it and something horrible happens.

I am trying to remember what book this was, probably a "young adult" novel. I don't remember the main story but there was a side part where the kid has a pet rabbit, I think it was a secret from his parents, in a hidden hutch. He forgets to feed/water it for a few days, suddenly remembers, and discovers the rabbit has.... in my memory, it had chewed its own feet off, but maybe something else horrible instead. I would think I had made this up but I mentioned it to someone who also remembered that bit of the story, but not the name of the book or anything else about it.

I want to find this book so I can remember never, ever, ever, to recommend it to anyone, ever.

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There was a similar part in Stephen King's It. Don't think it was a secret hutch, but the part about the boy (one of the bullies, I think) forgetting he even had a rabbit for a few days stood out.
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no,its from the Stand, Lloyd Henreid's memory from childhood (when he's starving in prison before Randy Flagg comes to get him)
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Oh right. That's it.

I mean, that's what I was remembering.
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Huzzah for Metafilter! And knowing it's Stephen King makes me feel better... it was SUPPOSED to be horrific instead of one of those "good life lessons for kids" which young adult novels seem to specialize in, basically that your dog/horse/best friend will DIE HORRIBLY.
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Heh, that also happens in The Mill On the Floss. Hidden roots of Stephen King!
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It's also the theme of a not-uncommon recurring anxiety dream, maybe a more horrible variant of the "oh no I forgot to drop that class" one.
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