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I might try Babel Fish but lest I burn my face off, translation bitte! Altbewahrtes Atzmittel...

The pictograms look pretty serious.

Atzmittel fur gedruckte Schaltungen

Altbewahrtes Atzmittel fur gedruckte Schaltungen, Kupfer und Edelstahl, das bereits bei Ramtemperatur (I've figured that one out!) atzt und auch in gebrauchtem Zustand nahezu unbegrentz lagerfahig ist. Im Temperaturbereich von 20-40 C zeichnet es sich durch eine gute Atzgeschwindigkeit und geringe Unteratzung aus. Mit steigender Temperatur nimmt beides zu. Kupferaugnahme durchschittlich 40-50 g/l., Atzegeschwindigkeit 40 -3 u/min (μ? u?)
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Ätzmittel = etching agent
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Response by poster: I know as much as that. It's the mixing instructions I'm dislanguaged by.
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Best answer: Here's my take.

"Etching Agent for Printed Circuit Boards

A reliable etching agent for printed circuit boards, copper, and stainless steel. Etches at room temperature and keeps almost indefinitely even once used. At temperatures from 20-40ºC it is characterized by a good etching speed and little undercutting. At higher temperatures both [characteristics] increase. Copper absorption averages 40-50g/l., etching speed 40 -3 u/min."

I'm not sure about the numbers and units in the last part, but it seems like you aren't either.

There are several errors in your transcription. Does that matter?

There are no mixing instructions in what you've given.
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Response by poster: Thanks
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Best answer: Very roughly, because I don't know anything about etching solutions:


Effective room temperature etchant for printed circuit boards, copper and stainless steel that can be kept indefinitely even after use. It has a good etching rate and low rate of under-etching in the temperature rate 20-40 centigrade (68-104 degrees fahrenheit) but both the speed and under-etching increase at higher temperatures. Copper uptake (amount the solution will absorb?) 40-50 grams per litre. Etching speed 40 -3 micrometres per minute.

So basically what Jedicus said.
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Response by poster: Ah yes. That last bit makes sense as opposed to how I read it: "40 to 30 micro minutes"!
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If you don't already know Eisen-III-Chlorid is Iron(III) chloride, which fits.
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