Sometimes it's just a prop.
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Turning a cigarillo into a costume prop.

One of my finishing touches for a Dragon*Con costume is a cigarillo. I have some real ones I plan to use, but the mouth end gets wet and squishy pretty quickly. Any ideas for treating/covering the end to make it last longer?
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They make cigar filter tips. I'm assuming it's a plastic.

See you at Con!!!!
posted by stormpooper at 9:05 AM on August 30, 2010

I would try a few layers of shellac on the mouth end of it.
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Depending on the costume, perhaps a cigarette holder? They also have little plastic things that serve the same purpose but are only an inch or less long...
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Have you considered a cigar filter? That should keep your mouth off the tobacco and keep it going all day.
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(My comment is assuming that for costume-related verisimilitude, you can't have a cigar or cigarette holder like stormpooper suggests. FYI, Shellac is nontoxic once it's dry (so it won't poison you to have it in your mouth), but if you get the spray-on kind, it's dissolved in some pretty toxic stuff.)
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I can check the smoke shop to see if they have unobtrusive cigarillo mouth pieces, but I'd still like some DIY ideas, in case it doesn't work out. I'd prefer a more "natural" look for His Grace.

I'm a little worried shellac may be bitter, but I can try on some rolled up paper.
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I don't know about the verisimilitude of it. If they sell cigar filters, then it must be an accurate accessory. It's better than shellac and risk the possibly toxicity. They even make wood filters. Go to an official cigar store and ask them.
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Some clear packing tape wrapped around the mouth end might do the trick. You could have backups, too.
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If you use food-grade shellac and make sure it is THOROUGHLY dry, it's not going to be bitter or toxic. (Not sure about the spray-on stuff, but definitely the stuff that is dissolved in pure alcohol is food-safe.) They use it as a coating/sealant on wood salad bowls and the like, and they also use it to coat enteric-formula pills to protect the medicine inside for stomach acids.
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If you have a modicum of artistic skill and a LOT of patience to make it look just right, you can make a very realistic-looking prop one out of polymer clay.

Once it's baked, it's hard and non-toxic, and I think would suit your needs perfectly.
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How about a little heat shrink tubing?
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Not sure how well it would work, but you could try brushing a bit of cooking oil on the end to add some water-repellency. Certainly food safe.
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You're going to come back and post a pic of the costume, right? Right? Pleeeease?
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Ha ha, yes, I will after Labor Day weekend. Hopefully the most excellent Death will be in attendance again and we can mutual near- experiences at the con.
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