Not fluffy white clouds
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Help my friend identify this white cloudy thing photographed in a forest in British Columbia!

Here's a photo my friend took on a frosty morning - Sunshine Coast, British Columbia - and it's in a coastal temperate rainforest.

Apparently, there were a few of these on trees and branches beside a lake, and his guess is that it's some sort of fungus that was covered in frost. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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You might browse these two sites: E-Flora BC and BC Mushrooms, or perhaps contact their administrators to find someone who might be familiar with local species.
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Best answer: Needle Frost
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Response by poster: Brilliant, thank you - he's delighted to have the mystery solved.
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I'd never heard of this before, but it's beautiful!
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A form of Hoar frost also?
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I've seen it in BC in February, growing out of the cracks in the frozen mud. It's frost.
Beautiful stuff.
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