What was the first match played using Football Association rules?
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What was the first match played using Football Association rules?
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The very first match to be played under the new "Football Association" rules came off on 9 January 1864 at Battersea Park, between the secretary's team and a side chosen by the President of the F.A., teams which included the best-known footballers of the day. After the game the two parties, their supporters and well-wishers adjourned to the Grosvenor Hotel, Pimlico for a smoking concert. The toast of the evening was "Success to football irrespective of class or creed."
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But what was the score??!!?!
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Best answer: Ah.

FA President's XIV 2 (CW Alcock 2)
FA Secretary's XIV 0

President: A Pember, CW Alcock, HW Chambers, AM Tebbut, Gray, Drew, RG Graham, WJ Cutbill, A Morten, J Turner, Morris, Renshaw, Leuchers, A Scott
Secretary: EC Morley, JF Alcock, CM Tebbut, A Lloyd, C Hewitt, GT Wawn, JP Phillips, Innes, McCalmont, Needham, H Baker, AJ Baker, Hughes, Jackson
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Love the fact that while they played under FA rules there were no rules concerning the number of players. It looks like the match above was play 14-a-side. Thanks for the question and the answer!
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