Poem on the dos and don'ts of canoeing.
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Help me identify a poem about canoeists!

I'm trying to track down a poem I heard years ago on Radio 4's "Poetry Please" programme. I believe the poet is American, and from what I recall the title is something along the lines of "Practical Advice for Canoeists". Though it may be kayakers.

Please help me find this. My sanity depends upon it.
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Do you have a more specific idea of when you might have heard it? "Poetry Please" has an online archive of all their shows going back through 2005: 2005-2006, 2007-present, if it was kinda-sorta recent...
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This is a long shot, but could it be Sarah Bolton's Paddle Your Own Canoe?
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Response by poster: It was about four or five years ago I heard it. As to the other suggestion, I should have stated that the poet was male, and the poem itself was comical, almost verging on limerick.
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