Visio opening many copies of the same document
March 4, 2005 8:30 AM   Subscribe

Visio weirdness: if I open any Visio document on a network drive the program opens several identical copies of that document (15 to be precise). This doesn't happen if I open a document on my desktop's HDD. What's going on?

This happens on other users' PCs as well, so it's not specific to my desktop. Happens whether one clicks on the document to launch the program or opens the program and navigates to the document location. The copies are identical, except that some display the panel of basic shapes to the left of the drawing and some don't. Doesn't appear to be corrupting the document, just very annoying, particularly if I'm working with multiple docs in the same window. Visio 6.0.2072, Window 2000 SP4.
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