How to organize a Mario Cart tournament?
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How to organize a Mario Cart tournament?

So I find myself helping to organize a overnight party for a bunch of kids of varying ages - 8-16 or so. I was hoping to run a short video game tournament using something universally accessible like Mario Cart. Any ideas how to structure a tournament for a dozen kids given that there are only 4 playing at a time?
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Well, if you use Brawl instead of Kart then there's already a tournament mode built in. Other than that, I would recommend against making anything official with kids as young as 8 playing against 16 year olds. Just let them play and have fun. The most organized I would go is to put names in a hat and draw for who gets to play the next round. When names are picked they go into another hat. When the hat gets empty start over and draw from the one with the names.
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For a really short tournament, you could pick 3 groups of 4 kids by random draw, and have each group run a race. The winner of each gets into the finals. Then the 4 second place finishers battle it out, with the winner getting into the finals. Your final round has the 3 1st place finishers and the best 2nd place finisher. Winner takes all. 5 races total, should go pretty quick.
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I'm with theichibun -- don't make it too competitive if you want everybody (including the younger kids) to have fun. Just keep the game running on single race mode, with a list of who's next in line to play. When a race ends, the winner gets to keep playing, but the other three players are replaced by the next three in line. Don't worry about one kid winning over and over again and monopolizing the seat; Mario Kart is overly "fair" in that a good player is no more likely to win than a lucky player, and maintaining winning streaks is nigh impossible.

Also: It's spelled Kart with a "K". A minor point, but if you put up any signage with a "C" the kids are gonna think you're lame.
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Response by poster: Heh. Yes, with a K. Got it.
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