Where can I find geek fabric?
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Help me make the ultimate geek baby blanket. I need a source for fabric!

I don't have a lot of sewing experience, but I do enjoy making baby blankets out of two pieces of soft flannel. My son and nephew love theirs, and I've made a few for my soon-to-be daughter too.

Two couples I know are going to be having babies soon and I'd like to make blankets for their babies. Since it's the guy I'm acquainted with in each couple I'd like to make a blanket that reflects what they enjoy. One is into computers, programming, math, and music. The other is into role-playing games (both online and in person).

The problem is, I'm having trouble finding flannel that reflects these themes. I can find cotton with small geeky prints, but not flannel. Where can I find soft flannel with these prints? Alternatively, where can I find cotton fabric with a big print that I could cut out and applique onto a blanket (sort of like this)?

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Honestly, eBay is your best bet. Lots of unique quilting fabrics at various "stores". Be sure to specify flannel, but there is lots of fun geek stuff out there.
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Find giant letters and quilt/tie them together QWERTYUIOP order, then wrap the blanket in schematic sheet from an old keyboard, and tie it off with an ethernet cable.
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I suspect some of the problem you're going to come across is that the traditional 'soft flannel' fabrics lean fairly heavily towards the baby/nursery prints, at least in most of the brick & mortar stores I've been in. (And man, is there a LOT of ugly baby fabric out there.)

I know it's not flannel, but E-Quilter has a nice category section of different fabric themes. I think you might have better luck doing something four by three blocks of different solid colored soft flannel, and then do your applique of a fairly large print on each block. If you do go that route, another option would be The Virginia Quilter who also has a nice theme organization. I've ordered from both and had good success.
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Take a look at Spoonflower as they do custom printed fabrics. A quick search on their site revealed a few fabrics that may already fit your needs. But you can also find graphics that reflect their interests and upload them to the site. (They do not have flannel however, but a Quilting Weight Cotton that may fit your needs.)
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you might find something here.
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should have refreshed before posting (didn't have pghjezebel's reply on my page)
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I did a search for "fabric yard" on etsy just now, and there are lots of hits. Skulls on the first page, ray guns on the second.
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I have a piece of Alexander Henry fabric which is printed flannel with rockets and spacemen. And there are TONS of quirky cotton prints out there.
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If you search Etsy's supply listings for flannel, you'll find a lot of prints. I couldn't find anything particularly nerdy, but I did find guitars.
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Graph Paper flannel
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I found some retro rocket and robot flannel.



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