Best software for ear training + learning to sing with accompaniment?
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Best software for ear training + learning to sing with accompaniment?

Inspired by this question. The last question on this was two years ago, so I'd like to see if there is anything new that people are using.

I've got a good vocal training background so I'm not worried about harming my voice through using software without good breathing etc. techniques. I mainly want to work on the areas where I'm weak - ear and not getting thrown by accompaniment.

1. I want to improve my recognition of notes and my ability to match them, especially as played on something other than the human voice.
2. I want to sing accurately with accompaniment.

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Best answer: SmartMusic is good on the singing with accompaniment end of things (at least- it is fairly slick if you are an instrumentalist, haven't tried it as a vocalist) if their library has things that your own personal or your local library has in it. It's responsive to you and moves with you in pretty cool ways, and will critique your performance so you know which notes are out of tune/rhythm. The new version seems to include a bunch of scales/exercises as well, but I haven't played with what is available for voice.

Disclaimer: have only used this with my horn students, back in the olden days when you could just buy it outright and did not have to have a subscription.
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Response by poster: Was leaving this open in hopes of more answers, but at least yours looks excellent, charmedimsure. I shall be checking it out.
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