Who is out there pushing the limits of plant and animal artificial selection/domestication/bioengineering?
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Who is out there pushing the whimsical/impractical limits of plant and animal artificial selection/domestication/bioengineering? Since reading about Belyaev's domesticated foxes, I'm curious to know about other ambitious programs where the desired end-product is less "stepwise cosmetic refinement" and more "3-foot-tall playful house-giraffe."

If humans can get a chihuahua or a great dane from some common-ancestor "ur-canid" in a couple of thousand years of somewhat unfocused trial and error, can not these forces be brought to bear more quickly with the tools and understanding we now possess? I guess I'm thinking of more fantastical and/or whimsical modifications to organisms, rather than, say, increased resistance to dutch-elm disease, or whatever. Who is trying things like these, and what are their results?

Also acceptable: hot-pink grapes, blueberries the size of cantaloupes, cantaloupes the size of blueberries, 1 meter wide venus flytraps, massively-lactating bats (for cheese production), red lightning-bugs, onion-flavored potatoes, etc.
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Well, there is Einstein the Horse, a product of miniature horse breeding.
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Dunno if it's what you have in mind, but Zaiger's Genetics has created such hybrid stonefruit as the aprium, the nectaplum and the peacotum.
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All I know is I want a House Hippo. I will be watching this thread with interest.
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How about a fluorescent cat?
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Eduardo Kac is an artist who works with these ideas. His 2000 piece "GFP Bunny" got a lot of attention and handwringing about the eeeeeeeevil world of transgenics.
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And there's the Glo-Fish(r)!
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There's miniature cattle. And zebu. (Full sized zebu, in case you're wondering.)
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Also, because you mentioned flytraps and because I grow them, the biggest we've gotten thus far is the B-52 cultivar, which grows traps 3-4x larger than a standard Dionaea.
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I can't find a better link but a gang in England want to make glow in the dark Christmas trees.
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Do teacup pigs fit your criteria? These guys are going to be on every birthday and x-mas wish list until I own one.
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Savannah cats are domestic cat/ serval (wild cat) hybrids bred to give people a wild looking housepet with a somewhat more pedictable temperment.
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