Who can fix my knitting (well, seaming) mistake?
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[NYC filter] I accidentally sewed two pieces of a sweater together incorrectly. I can't undo it because of my skill level and physical problems. Help me find someone in NYC who will take out the seam for me without destroying the knit pieces?

I must not have been paying enough attention - back when I could knit (before hand surgery and Dupuytren's disease), I had completed all pieces of a sweater and needed to stitch them together. I oversewed, and now I need to take the seam out. But I can't tell the seam from the piece - I used the same ribbon yarn for both. I can't find any listings on the web that would help - but surely, someone somewhere will take my cash and be able to extricate the sleeve from the rest of the sweater? I live on the UES and am willing to travel.
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Have you checked on Ravelry? There is bound to be a group for your area and someone nearby with the skills who will be more than willing to help you out.
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Are we talking sewing (like with a machine) or knitting techniques of joining? If it's the latter, I'll do it. Especially if it's Kitchener stitch -- I'm sick, I know.

I'm leaving town tomorrow, so I could pick it up in the morning, or when I get back (probably Tuesday). Let me know!
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Also, if you'd rather go with a shop, there are definitely places that will do it (assuming it's knitted). I like Dona at Yarntopia on the UWS, but I don't know how far in advance she's booked. I think she's also pretty expensive.
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If I were closer, I'd do this too. Fear not, I'm sure someone can help you - if booksandlibretti's offer doesn't work out, try Pearl at Knitty City - she is super-nice, and while she may not do it herself, I'm sure she can make a recommendation for you. Good luck!
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You might want to check out the answers to my sweater crisis.
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Don't worry, there are literally thousands of people who are willing to help you out! For example, I live in Washington State, but if you want to mail it to me, I'd cheerfully fix it for you.

A yarn store would be the first place I'd try. Knitters are awfully nice people. If push came to shove, you could take it to a tailor.

I've posted this to the Metafilter Ravelry group, to get it a little more exposure.
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