Pseudonymous d-squared article on 911 written 912
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There was an IMO great article written on 09-12-2001 (about 9-11) by, what I later learned, was d-squared writing under a pseudonym, called something like "why the attacks mean i was right" / "why the attacks justify my policies", or somesuch. But I can't recall the name of the article and so my google-fu is failing me. Help me find it?

Note: it wasn't ever archived or mentioned on his site, as far as I know. It was posted on some sort of possibly political magazine-type site among other articles, but enjoyed pretty wide popularity at the time.

On d-squared being outed as the author -- not sure where I learned this, and I guess it could be wrong, but it seemed then and seems now still quite plausible.
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Best answer: Do you mean this one?
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I'm glad that's archives are still around, because it's a very good insight into the persistence of classic trolling in the (more or less pre-blog) era, run by some of the finest trolls to make the leap from Usernet to Slashdot/K5.
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Response by poster: That's the one, Obscure Reference, thank you! Appropriate user-name, too!

Normally I wouldn't use two exclamation marks in a post! but! I'm! excited!
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