teenage mutant ninja turtle trivia question
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this question is going to seem absurd but here goes...i'm looking for a "closest to" type trivia question related to the teenage mutant ninja turtles - specifically the 1989 NES game. i was going to use the following: "in level 1, how many bombs must the turtles defuse underwater?" the answer is 8, but i think that may be too easy. does anyone have any other ideas related to the game? maybe how many sewers are in the game or something similar? thanks for any ideas....
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It was actually level 2, but I digress. I don't know that it's too easy, in that most people might rememeber the level, but not the specific number of bombs that had to be diffused. If you wanted to be cruel, you could ask some questions about stage 3 (which I saw probably 3 times ever).

Or maybe ask about what level the Turtles first get the Turtlevan? I think that's level 3 as well.
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How many levels are in the game? How many boxes of life does each turtle have? How many slices are in the "whole pizza" icon? How many copies were sold? How many people ever beat the whole damn impossible game without cheating?
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How do you defeat Rockstead y(or is it Bebop, whichever one charges at you) w/o losing any life?

A: Hang out on top of the righthand column w/ Donatello and repeatedly stick him w/ the bo while being out of danger the whole while.
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I've never finished the game, but didn't you need to collect 'scrolls' or something to use against Shredder? Maybe "How many scrolls does it take to beat Shredder?" or something like that.
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