Russian address decipherment
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In a Russian address, what do the abbreviations д., кв., and Ст. м. stand for?

I'm having trouble deciphering a Russian address. In particular, I don't understand what д. (followed by a number), кв. (followed by a number), and Ст. м. stand for. If possible, please provide the Russian words that are abbreviated, thanks!
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When I lived in St. Petersburg in 2004, д. stood for дверь, or door -- the building had multiple numbered entrances. The door number was specified because only one of the entrances led to my apartment, which in Russian is квартира (кв.). Not sure about Ст. м., but hopefully this helps.
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Ст. м.: Станция метрополитена: Metro station.

кв.: квартал or квартира: Quarter/block or apartment. Probably have to figure that one out from context.

д.: probably дом: house.
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...go with what rebekah said. I haven't been in Russia since I was 6.
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Door (to the building), apt #, Metro Station

When I was in Saint Petersburg, a year before rebekah no less, my address there was equivalent to:

68-67 Street Name, Apt #, Petrogradskaya

It's worth to note that in Petersburg in particular, some train stations are also neighborhood labels, equivalent to Davis Square or Cleveland Circle in the Boston area. Whether, in some cases, the station was named for the neighborhood or vice versa I couldn't say.
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Д. = дом (house). No-one would use it to mean дверь (door) in an address; in any case they wouldn't use the word дверь, they'd use the word подъезд (entrance).

Кв. = квартира (flat, apartment). Again, you don't get квартал (meaning quarter, not block) in addresses as normally written, i.e. 99.9999% of the time.

Ст. м. = станция метро (metro station).
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Thank you everyone!
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Russian citizen here, seconding londongeezer.

Д. = дом (house).
Кв. = квартира (flat, apartment).
Ст. м. = станция метро (metro station).

I've never ever heard of д. standing for дверь, or door.
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Everyone who says д = дом (not дверь) is absolutely right. Like I said, it's been a long time...sorry for leading you astray!
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