Where can I buy a hula hoop near (or easily accessible from) SOMA?
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Where can I buy a hula hoop near (or easily accessible from) SOMA?

I know there are tons of websites that sell them, but it is a pain to receive big packages at the place where I am staying this summer, so I want to buy one in person.

My googling efforts have only found references to hula hoop classes and online stores. I'm new to San Francisco, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Response by poster: Oh, forgot to mention - I don't have a car, so easily accessible = via BART or Muni.
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Target or Walmart will have these in the toy section. If you don't have any big-box stores in your area, I would call some toy stores and see if they carry them.
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It's been a while since I visited but I remember a decent toy store on ... 3rd? and Market. Ah, here it is: Jeffrey's Toys‎ 685 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105-4202. Give them a call, they may have hula hoops in store.
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Best answer: Presuming you want an adult-sized hula hoop, check out this form to connect with locals who can hook you up in town. San Francisco has a HUGE hooping culture. Have fun!
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Are you looking for an adult sized hoop? It's very unlikely that you find something adult sized, and if you do, of any quality at Target or Walmart. Most adult sized hoops are hand-made out of irrigation tubing and decorative tape. If you want to try your hand at it, it's cheaper and not too hard (although you will probably end up having to buy enough tubing for 5 or 10 hoops- so best if you have some other friends interested in owning hoops). I would imagine that there are also zillions of people in your area that make hoops. Contact any of the people doing hoop classes, and they'll be able to direct you to somebody local or let you know where to buy them. I think it's kind of a cottage industry- lots of people do it, but they don't have the resources to advertise outside of the community.

Buying hoops online is expensive, but I have learned from experience (secret quonsar 2009) that they are kind of a pain to ship to people- so for the quality of appearance and the cost of shipping, the higher price may be worth it if you don't find something local.

You will make a lot of friends transporting a hoop on public transportation! I'm not all that outgoing of a person so I don't seek attention, but I have only had good experiences with the comments or conversations that come from toting a hoop.

If you are looking for a child-sized hoop- a handmade hoop will still be of better quality and last longer, will be of the colors you choose, and will have a little more weight that will make it easier to hoop than with the featherweight kids' ones- so this advice still applies, but you'd definitely have to specify the size of the child when you're looking around for a hoop. And for a kid, you can probably get away with a toy store bought hoop.
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Best answer: Talk to Isa at Temple of Poi. Her studio is on 5th and Mission, just a few blocks from the Powell muni station. If she doesn't have any hoops in stock, she'll know someone that does. The hoops in the toy section will not work for an adult. They are too light and too flimsy.
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You won't find an adult hoop at any of the sports stores (I've tried). Better to buy from another hooper. There's a yahoo group, I think it's called Bay Area Hoopers, several members make adult hoops for sale.
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Guaranteed, the people teaching the classes will have hoops for sale. Contact one of them.
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If you can, get (or make!) a folding hoop. Much easier to transport on MUNI. Definitely talk to the Bay Area Hoopers folks.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I meant an adult-sized hoop.

Thanks everyone! Temple of Poi looks like it might be ideal, but otherwise I'll check out the forum.
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