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Help me find this "launch weighty ring; try to catch ring; try not to catch unconsciousness!" toy bought in the early '90s.

I had this toy when I was a kid; on a whim, I decided to look for it today, but I have no idea what it is called or even if it is still being manufactured.

It's comprised of a heavy ring, with squared edges and a cone-shaped windsock-like flag attached, being launched by an inverted-V-shaped device with some type of handle at each terminal end. You grab the handles and pull them away from each other and the ring goes zoom. The windsock slows the ring enough so that you or your partner may catch the ring with the launcher and start the process all over.

It's more amusing and works better in a small space than Frisbees, and I'd really like to find one again! My Google-fu is weak, and standing in the toy aisle in Fred Meyer's trying to "feel its presence" was equally unsuccessful.
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Is it a version of this? (Googled spinning disc wooden toy.)
posted by MonkeyToes at 4:15 PM on May 20, 2010

Or maybe this? (flying pull string disc)

Now *I* want to know what your mystery toy is!
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Sounds a bit like a Zoom Ball
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Response by poster: It's similar to a Zoom Ball in the mechanics, but the sock-flag-ring is free-flying. It looks a bit like a wind sock, really--a cone of fabric with a tail on the end--except with a weight in it so it'll come back to earth on a predictable trajectory.

Later the phrase "rocket sock" or "rocket sock-it" or something equally kitschy popped into my head, but I tried Googling those variations and still failed. Thank you for trying!
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Is it a foxtail?

(Sorry for the Amazon link).
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(Grrr. I should have read more of the description before answering.)
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Giant Maple Flyer? Zyclone?
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