Best Boarding near Breck?
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I've got a three day lift ticket good for Breckenridge, Keystone, Beaver Creek, A-Basin and Vail. Which of these are most snowboarder friendly, and which would you recommend?
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Breckenridge is pretty good for boarders, and Vail just plain rules, though you do have to stick to the back bowls and smaller runs if you want to avoid the masses. I would not recommend Keystone for anyone as the runs all seem to be more or less the same thing (wither blue cruisers or easy black bump runs). A-Basin is a good resort for skiing in may and june, but this pass lets you do so much better.
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either... not wither (damn)
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Out of those five choices I've rode only Breck. A close friend of mine lived in Beaver Creek and he loved it. He also raved about Vail. I've heard that you can't enjoy all of Vail in one day so since you have a 3 day pass, I'd go there. The crowds are bound to be a lesson in patience, but like mervin said, and if you're experience enough, go for the parts of the mountain that are far from the main areas.
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Last time I was in the Summit area (some years ago) A-Basin was the only resort that allowed snowboarding. They had an excellent half-pipe and embraced snowboarders heartily. If you want to avoid the crowds Keystone's night skiing is excellent and usually open for clear and speedy sailing. There is a godola to the top, but the lighted areas are limited to a few major runs.
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