Meeting people online before a festival
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Right, I’m heading off a festival where I don’t know anyone. Any places online where I can get to know people beforehand?

Next month there’s this great music festival in Germany I’m going to. None of my friends could make it but I wanted to go anyway because of the bands (Skunk Anansie! Diechkind!) Thing is I don’t want to end up swamped and alone when I get there: can you think of any places online where I could arrange to meet up with some people?

(I'm pretty sure I could meet people when I'm there just don't want to be a tag along)

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Have you tried checking for a Meetup?
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Is it Hurricane you're going to? If so I'm jealous, it's a great festival! Nice venue and not too big. (and Prodigy! Ash!) The Hurricane website has a user forum, you could introduce yourself there, in the Sonstiges (Misc.) or Grüße (Greetings) sections, or depending on how you're getting there you can ask for a lift from the city you're coming in from in the Mitfahrzentrale section - there's already someone offering spaces from Dortmund...Sure you could post in English. Otherwise try the websites of the bands you're a fan of and see there if anyone else is going... Memail me if you want a hand with German!
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Couchsurfing. Search for an event or region group, there's probably a scheduled event.
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Look at the websites for the bands you're most interested in. Most of them will have some kind of community/forum section, where you could look for fans who are also going to the festival.
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I use, and have met people from there before. They have a forum for non-UK festivals. There's a thread for Hurricane.
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Skunk Anansie? Man, I haven't heard about them in years.

Couchsurfing is good, and International Hospitality House has a pretty good presence in Germany, too.

In general though, a festie is one of the last places where you need to worry too hard about making friends. Folks are there to have a good time, and while I'm not familiar with that festival in particular, I've left every festival I've ever been too with new friends. It's always surreal to see them later in different parts of the country all "Dude! We camped next to each other at IT! Awesome!"

Bring something to share, be outgoing, and don't hesitate to just walk up to folks who look friendly.
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Look for a related group or page on Facebook, and post a message.
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