Cigars in NYC
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Where are some good places to go in Manhattan to smoke cigars? I'd prefer a casual place where I can go and read and maybe have a cup of coffee or a drink. Indoor and outdoor suggestions welcomed.

I'm already aware of the Bar & Books chain (a few of which have coat and no casual shoes regulations) and Club Macanudo. Both of these are too formal for my tastes. I do go to De La Concha (56th/6th) quite a bit, but I'd like to branch out a bit and find some great places.
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There's a place on Columbus around 81st called Northwest that'll let you smoke a cigar upstairs, but they sometimes close the upstairs really early. Wouldn't say 'great'.

I usually go out to the Hudson River Greenway and have a smoke, walking along the river or sitting on a bench.
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Nat Sherman's, on Fifth, just across from the library. Downstairs is where they sell the goods; upstairs are comfy chairs and ashtrays. I haven't been to Manhattan since Spring 2003, but I went to Sherman's after the ban took effect and was told they had an exemption - apparently they were grandfathered in. I hope that hasn't changed.

The staff made me feel very welcome, and all I purchased was a pack of cigarettes. Check out the signed and framed letters from such as Humphrey Bogart asking for Sherman goods to be sent to him on location.
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Here are some places that allow you to smoke in the city. I pass De La Concha Tobacconist nearly every day and they have people smoking cigars til around 8ish at night.
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There was a post about this on NewYorkology today -- the eight bars that legally allow smoking.
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