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Dumb math question: is there any useful relationship between numbers a, b, and the function a*(a/b)?
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Not sure about formal relationships; I *can* tell you that your function's equivalent to (a^2)/b, if that helps.
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What do you mean by relationship? Are you asking how the function changes as a or b increases or decreases?
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kingjoeshmoe: would there be some tool that could graph the function with the changes in the values of A and B? That would be useful.
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If you have a Mac, run Grapher.

Choose 3D Graph.

Type z=y*y/x

See if that helps you in any way.
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Could get you started.
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Maybe if you explained what's going on here we could help a bit more. Are either a or b constants? Both variables?
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Are you asking how changes in a or b affect the function a^2/b? That's just simple differential calculus.

f(a,b) = (a^2)/b
df/da = 2a/b
df/db = -(a^2)/(b^2) ... I think. Damn I'm rusty.
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chairface: Wolfram will do that for you too.
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For what it's worth, if you define C = A2/B, then A is the geometric mean of B and C.
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