Where are this robots from?
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I am wondering what series or cartoon these plastic robot toys come from. They were bought to me when I was a child (that's the eighties).

Here's a picture: http://jgwong.org/dropbox/robots.jpg

We had a lot of them, but with time they got lost. There were more models besides these three and they were kinda cool. Maybe they are from different assorted japanese series or something? Any clues?
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The middle one kind of looks like one of the robot suits from the Gundam Universe.
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I had some of these as well. They came in several different colors of plastic. I recall there being blue and pinkish red ones as well. I believe they came in plastic bags of Robots and Aliens, just like Army Men.
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Best answer: FOUND THEM!

ktrey, you said they came in a plastic bag and that triggered my memory -- the name of the cardboard flap, some sort of "Roguns..."

Well, yes! They're "Ro-Gun Robots," made in 1984 and they seem to come from the GoBots line.
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