European Juggling Convention?
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Have any mefites attended the European Juggling Convention?

I've never been to a juggling convention, but I'd love to go to this year's EJC in Finland. How much do tickets/passes usually cost? What should I expect as a first-time convention attendee?
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Haven't been to one for years now but....

1. Register as soon as you get there.
2. Pick up a list of what's on.
3. Plan where you need to be and when.


A VERY friendly atmosphere.
Lots of workshops and performances.
"Open sessions" where you can go along and juggle with others doing the same thing.
Trade stands.
Great social opportunities.

I'll leave it to someone else to fill in the more recent details. Have fun!
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What JtJ said, except:

EJC 2009 was €100 if you bought tickets in advance.

Expect to spend lots of time in the gym just watching all the other jugglers. This could keep me entertained for a week even without all the rest of it.

Expect things to be very laid back. Things will not necessarily start on time, things may be organised in a lovely juggly ad hoc fashion rather than programmed like an academic conference or something.

Make sure you go to some workshops. Talk to lots of strangers. If you know something interesting, run your own workshop! If you want to meet new people, go to the volunteering desk and sign up to work a few hours doing something sociable. The convention couldn't run without the volunteer effort; it's nice to give something back.

If you have some un-logoed black clothes with you and you are reasonably sensible, you could see if you can get yourself a (volunteer) job as a stage hand for one of the evening shows, which could be pretty exciting if you haven't done that kind of thing before. Good for meeting interesting people too!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies! I'm really excited to go. Now I just need to get better at juggling so I don't stink the place up! :)
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oh, and if you think of more questions, try asking them on rec.juggling or IJDB chat; you'll find plenty of EJC attendees in both those places.
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