Help me track down a volume of Nabokov's poetry
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Can you help me track down a volume of Nabokov's poetry? I know such volumes exist, you just can't buy them on any store I've looked at online. Thanks!
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I think you can buy such volumes, but they are expensive
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You could also try the more shady route by checking out this ebay listing.
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Why is that shady?

You could always learn Russian; I picked up a Russian edition of his early poems in Brighton Beach for a buck last year. And it really is worth learning Russian to be able to read VV's prose, if not necessarly his poetry, which is nice but not Pushkin or Mandelshtam.
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Well, I'll be damned. I picked up Nabokov's "Poems and Problems" for $5 CDN at a used bookstore last week -- thought nothing of it. Now it seems that the cheapest copy on Alibris is over $80. Ditto for for Amazon.
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I like Bookfinder, which searches used bookstores all across the world. A search for Nabokov as author and "poems" in the title field turned up an $18 copy of the 1959 Poems illustrated edition, multiple $40 copies listed under a slightly different title, multiple $85+ versions of the later Poems and Problems, which Wikipedia says includes Poems, and a few other oddities. Looks like ori really scored with his $5 copy.

Bookfinder is the search engine I turn to first, for what it's worth. My day job's in Raleigh's oldest and strangest used bookstore, for what that's worth, too.
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