Help a non-gamer do something fun with a PS3.
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Help me (a non-gamer) enjoy my new PS3!

So I recently picked up a PS3 slim after I decided the price difference between it and a stand-alone blu-ray player had shrunk to the point where if I was going to get the latter, I may as well get the former instead.

So, here's me with this new box. I am assuredly a non-gamer -- this is the first time in my life I have ever owned a gaming system. What have I done so far? Well, I've got it streaming videos from my macbook over my network to my tv, so that's pretty cool. I downloaded "Flower", which was really fun to mess about with. I guess I'm looking for any tips/tricks/things I might enjoy... If there's other cheap games like Flower, I wouldn't be averse to downloading them. I'm not anti-game, but I don't see me dropping $60 on a title any time soon. Oh, I picked up GT5 Prologue for $25 but I haven't played it yet.

I have no interest RPG style games, or really anything that is going to suck up a huge amount of my time -- I'm thinking quick 20 minutes of fun type stuff, even better if it can be shared with a friend.
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Pain! is a blast if you can stomach its sense of humor.
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Watching stuff instantly with Netflix is such a pleasure on an actual TV.

I know it's expensive, but Rock Band is seriously fun, and it's one of the best party games ever. Plus you can play for hours or just do one song at a time.

Are the Katamari Damacy titles available cheaply?
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You can get used copies of Little Big Planet, a 2.5D-ish platform/puzzle game with a really fun aesthetic, for $40-ish these days. I just bought the $60-new-Game-Of-The-Year version, but I don't think the bonus content was really worth the extra cost. Katamari Forever is also available inexpensively used, has a quirky sense of humor, and is fun in short doses (most levels take 5-15 minutes, and don't have to be played rapidly in succession to be appreciated, particularly).
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I'm in the same boat as you. I bought a PS3 a few years ago to watch Blu-rays, but I don't care much for gaming. That said, Rock Band and Buzz! Quiz World are two excellent party games. Netflix streaming is also great.
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Try out Trash Panic. You can download a demo for free, and the full game is only $5. The game is pretty hard, but you would probably enjoy it on easy mode.
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I know you're not a gamer, but you may want to check out uncharted 2 or batman: arkham asylum (esp if you are a batman fan- it has all the voice actors from the cartoon). Both tell really good stories, are extremely engaging, and are fast paced enough to keep even ocd me interested in playing them.
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Burnout Paradise.
Lego Star Wars.
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The Lego games are good (yes, Lego games) especially for two non games to play together.
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It only has a couple of PS3 specific recommendations, but you should check out this excellent guardian article by Charlie Brooker on getting into games
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Elaboration on Lego games, should you be skeptical: they're designed to be super kid-friendly, so you never die, you just lose coins. It's not too tough, but it can be a challenge to find every hidden item and get 100% completion on the games.
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Re Large Marge's suggests (both of which are great), I'd pick up Uncharted, the original, before the sequel as it is dirt cheap by now, and also quite good (still holds up pretty well) in its own right.
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I like Zen Paintball quite a bit. Picked it up for $4.99 on the Playstation Network last week. Good game for a casual gamer.
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Er, Zen Pinball.
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PS3mediaserver is the main reason I bought a PS3.
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Use the feature that let's you fold proteins and help cure some diseases in the idle time. Better than letting the thing collect dust. Download the free game demos and see which type of games you like. My nongame father loves sports simulators and the wolverine origins game. Spend twenty bucks on the orange box and play portal/team fortress 2. Check your local craigslist, especially near the end of the month when people need to pay rent and bills quick.
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Also run linux for the thrill of the sport.
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Can't run linux on the slims. :-(

Most of what I would recommend has already been said:

Streaming Netflix is great - though the options are a bit limited, especially if you are picky about HD.

Little Big Planet and Rock Band are great games if you don't want to dedicate time to something (though if you do might I recommend Dragon Age?).

Oh, and I bought UNO last week and have had a blast with it. I've been playing by myself and with my little cousin.
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Spend twenty bucks on the orange box and play portal/team fortress 2.

Portal and HL2 are both vastly, incomparably better with a mouse+WASD.
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Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection hits the bullseye for casual gaming on PS3. $30 on Amazon.
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My boyfriend and I just made the same decision. I have never liked video games, so I'm throwing in my vote for Little Big Planet and Pixeljunk Eden. Download the demos to see if you like them (I love them). I don't think Eden is 2-player, but Little Big Planet definitely is, and is probably the best game ever.

We use it mostly for the Nexflix instant streaming though, to be honest. That's the best part, imo.
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Definitely pick up Little Big Planet. Also, for short bursts of insane fun, try Bomberman Ultra. You can play local games, just you and a friend or two, or you can play against the computer (you will lose, early and often) or online (where you will probably lose) but it's a lot of fun.

If you like car games and short bursts, try Burnout Paradise. It's got a racing component, but it also has stunts, silliness, and really, really beautiful crashes. It's a game you can play for ten or twenty minutes at a time, make some progress (or just relieve stress), then turn it off.

From a shooting standpoint, I find Call of Duty 4, the first Modern Warfare title to be a really good game for quick battles online. An online game usually runs ten minutes or less. You can play another one, or you can just move on with your life. It should be one of the discounted titles by now.
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Just did the same thing here! Remember that you can download free demos from the PS store thing. And Vuze (Mac) is a bittorrent client that also lets you serve media to the PS3 (and download lots of fun things).
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Definitely Pixel Junk Eden (up to 3 players) and Pixel Junk Shooter (2 players)
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I did the same thing last year. I found it useful to join Gamefly for a while just to try a bunch of different types of games. So far, I'm mostly enjoying the driving simulators. But then, I'm a motorsports fan. Also, Netflix streaming on PS3 is awesome...can't wait until their library really expands.
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Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive coming this month. It's supposed to be more murder mystery than game, almost like an interactive movie.
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