Wife-friendly PS3 games?
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Suggestions for good (local, not just online) multiplayer games for the PS3? Other non-gamer friendly suggestions welcome as well. (Two similar questions, but both are 2+ years old.)

I'm looking for games my (non-gamer) wife and I can enjoy together. She doesn't care for modern/realistic shooters. Multiplayer co-op suggestions especially appreciated, perhaps with an emphasis on more free form stuff - she doesn't like "dying" in the same place over and over on a level. Bonus points for cheaper titles. For instance, I'm probabaly going to grab Burnout: Paradise since it's only $20 (even if it doesn't fit all of my criteria). Other "wife-friendly" suggestions welcome, as well (I know that's a stereotype, but in this case she fits it - only using it for that reason).
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You may want to take a look at the answers I got a month ago on my similar question.
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If you guys are into music the Rock Band family of games would be a great fit, but it requires a little extra investment to get started. My wife and I play a ton, she doesn't really want to deal with any goofy plastic instruments but really enjoys singing.
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bearwife, thanks for the link, some good stuff there.

I should add that PSN titles are quite welcome - those are even harder to sort through and find good reviews on than normal titles, and so real-person suggestions are even more helpful.
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In bearwife's thread, I suggested Little Big Planet, and I'll do it here again. There is a bit of dying involved, but they really do try to make it easy to get through levels, though some of them are quite difficult. There's so much to do, really, aside from playing the game. The music is fantastic, and the design is a mixture of cute and stunning. I think any non-gamer would like it.
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Thanks. I was hoping to avoid the higher priced stuff, but it sounds like LBP is worth a shot.
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I second LBP. Not only can you play with your wife but you and your wife can also join 1 or 2 other people online. Getting 4 people playing together can be lots of fun.
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I should have mentioned some PSN titles that you and the wife can play together.

Anything Pixeljunk!
"Flow" (big fishies eating little fishies. It's a beautiful, zen game).
"Flower" (one player but again it is a beautiful zen game that you can still enjoy together).
If you guys like zombies try "zombie apocalypse" or "burn zombie burn" (although I haven't played that one myself and don't know if it has 2 player).
You might also enjoy "echochrome." I can't remember if it's 2 player but it's a puzzler that you can work together to get through.

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