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I have been experimenting with corrugated cardboard construction. Looking for new project ideas.

I found a big pile of triple-layer corrugated cardboard by the supermarket dumpster across the street and decided to make some stuff. I did a small bookshelf as a test and I was pleasantly surprised. Then I made a bigger bookshelf, and it worked out pretty well. Here are some pictures of the shelves. They are quite sturdy and are currently packed with books.

Can the hive mind come up with any great project ideas for this cardboard stuff? Toys? Useful household items?
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One of the projects in my freshman materials class was to build a chair from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard. It had to support my own weight. I did and it did.
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These are not bookshelves, these are cat shelves :)

You could build a computer case out of the stuff, to go with your shelves. And I don't mean something that looks like a simple cardboard box; you should be able to go pretty creative with material this thick. Here's one - although probably not the best - example.
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You can build a geodesic dome to live in.
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Topographic model?
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Google "cardboard furniture"?
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This guy made a replica of a NYC subway bench.

If you made it, I'd buy it.
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I've been saving some big boxes hoping to make a cardboard play house.
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Cardboard robot suit.
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I was going to scan you a copy of Nomadic Furniture's cardboard chair, but somebody beat me to it. - The book's only $5 on Amazon, and is worth it's weight in gold if this sort of thing is 'up your alley'. I also had a copy of Building cardboard toys that was great on construction techniques that let you get the most durability/strength out of cardboard.

Oh, and Instructables is full of stuff like this, though it's 80% crap - This guy is pretty impressive, though in my rough tests, wheatpaste holds up about as well as Gorilla Glue in this application (Stronger than the cardboard, at any rate), and is not toxic/cheap as hell. Here's the recipe I used to test that.
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you may find mr mcgroovy's cardboard rivets helpful, here.
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There was that guy who furnished his entire apt. in FedEx boxes; couch, bed, dinner table, computer desk:*/
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I think this amazing piece is made of cardboard
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You can find more on youtube if you type in cardboard furniture, this one looks comfy.
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I too had the freshman 3-D art class assignment of making a functional chair. There is a technique of making interlocking perpendicular slats with the cardboard strips that make it very surprisingly supportive. If you need more explanation memail me and I will draw something up. I also got wild with some piano hinges and velcro and made mine to double as a modular coffee table.
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